Mihir Menda

Member, Supervisory Board, RMZ

RMZ Corporation are trailblazers in alternative asset ownership, spearheading strategic investments across burgeoning sectors. Their commitment lies in fostering businesses that fuel the future economy while enriching the communities they serve. Founded in India and solely owned by the Menda family, RMZ pioneers innovation in Real Estate & Infrastructure. They are architects of progress, driving innovation and sustainability across global landscapes.

As a second-generation leader and member of the supervisory board, Mihir Menda deploys his skills to guide capital allocation and venture expansion. Building strategic partnerships and evaluating new global markets, he is concentrating on diversification, sustainability ventures, and holistic business growth. He balances opportunity and risk adroitly, to lead RMZ Corporation's growth trajectory, by capturing, in its growing portfolio, emerging trends and markets. He does this through an incisive understanding of markets and industries to navigate complexities and seize opportunities.

His leadership is ensuring that RMZ Corporation remains at the vanguard of innovation and sustainability and continues driving positive change and enhancing community well-being. His sights are set on 2032.