Manoj Menda

Chair, Supervisory Board, RMZ

RMZ Corporation are trailblazers in alternative asset ownership, spearheading strategic investments across burgeoning sectors. Our commitment lies in fostering businesses that fuel the future economy, rooted in the core of the Indian economic landscape while enriching the communities we serve. Founded in India and solely owned by the Menda family, RMZ pioneers innovation in Real Estate & Infrastructure.

Together, they are architects of progress, driving innovation and sustainability across global landscapes.

At the helm of RMZ stands Manoj Menda, Chair of the Supervisory Board. Manoj Menda is known for reimagining the future of the workspace industry, around three core principles: Sustainability, Enhancing the overall member experience, and Creating extraordinary value. He plays a pivotal role in the firm’s co-investment partnerships, a crucial element driving RMZ’s business expansion.