K. Jayakumar

Executive Board, RMZ Real Estate and RMZ Infrastructure

K. Jayakumar is the Executive Board Member of RMZ Real Estate and RMZ Infrastructure. In his capacity, Jayakumar spearheads the company's strategic direction and manage development deals for RMZ Infrastructure and RMZ Real Estate. He has been involved in the execution of numerous RMZ investments across the real estate and the infrastructure domain and also drives the economic growth and environmental sustainability across both the verticals, signifying his comprehensive understanding and holistic approach to leadership.

A distinguished professional with a career spanning over 4 decades, which is marked by comprehensive proficiency in project and construction management, corporate relations, international partnerships, and real estate development. His impressive background also includes a successful track record in managing real estate development projects at the international level with efficacy. Based in Bangalore, Jayakumar, before assuming his present post, was affiliated with major construction powerhouses such as Larsen & Toubro, Howe (India) Ltd., and the WJ Towell Group, among other notable corporations. During his tenure with these industry leaders, he gained invaluable experience and honed his skills, preparing him for his influential role in the real estate and construction sectors.

K. Jayakumar's career trajectory exemplifies a deep commitment to excellence and a diverse skill set that spans the spectrum of project and construction management. As the executive board member, RMZ Real Estate and Infrastructure, he continues to drive success and innovation within the organization, solidifying his status as a revered authority in the industry. His unwavering dedication along with his rich experiential background render him an invaluable resource to the industry and the projects he administers.