Akshaya Kumar Panda

CFO, RMZ Real Estate

Akshaya Kumar Panda is the Chief Financial Officer for RMZ Real Estate. In his capacity, Mr. Panda is responsible for managing debt strategies, financial structures, due diligence, financial modeling, and driving the financial growth of RMZ Real Estate. His storied career features an extensive background in the realms of banking and finance, positioning him as an irreplaceable asset to the organization. His wealth of experience and skill set are instrumental in aiding RMZ Real Estate to reach its financial aspirations and drive the company's overall success.

Based out of Mumbai, Akshaya has accrued an impressive tenure of nearly 28 years in the corporate banking sphere, marking an unassailable achievement in his professional journey. In March 2022, he ventured into a fresh and promising phase in his illustrious career, aligning himself with the RMZ Corporation as their esteemed Managing Director of Capital Management. Herein, he has been instrumental in shaping the real estate growth trajectory of the RMZ Corporation.

Akshaya’s tenure at Axis Bank spanned an impressive 21 years and 4 months, during which he held the esteemed position of President and Head of Large Corporates. In this critical role, he managed an impressive and diverse portfolio encompassing 800 large corporate partnerships across varied sectors, overseeing an exposure reaching up to USD 25 billion. His leadership acumen was further demonstrated as he successfully spearheaded a team of 110 dedicated professionals, expertly balancing sourcing and onboarding new businesses, conducting rigorous credit evaluations, supervising investment banking operations, and competently managing transaction banking.

During his 4 ½ year overseas stint as the CEO of Axis Bank's Hong Kong Operations & the Head of the International Banking Division, Akshaya was responsible for overseeing the international banking operations spanning across the territories of Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Representative Office, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Japan, and Colombo. He successfully managed a balance sheet size of USD 15 billion.

Akshaya Kumar Panda's remarkable journey and leadership capabilities continue to make a significant impact in the corporate world, and his multifaceted role at RMZ Corporation reflects his commitment to driving growth and success in the real estate industry.